OFFLINE Training (Face to Face Coaching):

Our training team referring NSQF aligned qualification packs / job roles of respective sector skill councils. Along with domain knowledge, we are also focusing on employability Skills (industrial skills & soft skills). As per learning while doing concept training sessions are generally conducted along with on job training i.e., in industry premises by using infrastructure facilities of establishment. Audio-Video lectures are also conducted to understand the modules more effectively. Regular assessment is conducted to assess progress of training.

ONLINE Learning:

  • With the introduction of online skill learning, the whole nation potentially becomes a classroom. The audio-video graphical illustrations format will help internalise the concepts for the skill-seekers, faster and longer.
  • The training modules shall train students in key employability skills like communication skills, employability skills, industry Safety regulations, 5S, Computer skills, Corporate etiquettes, Domain Knowledge and use of IT in modern office. It sensitizes the students with the expectations and realities of the world of work. It helps students change their attitude for better and educates them to measure their progress in terms of behavioural – work outcomes.
  • Industry integrated Skill Program aims to bridge the gap between student skills and employer needs thus creating a much efficient recruitment effort towards a workforce that is in sync with the growing industry needs.

Features of Industry Integrated learning _Benefits to Students:
  • Offline - Online learning along with on job training (OJT) - opportunity to work in industries which will boost the confidence of students - real industrial experience.
  • Training Modules are prepared so that it can train the student in certain essential Finishing Skills and endeavours to make them ‘Job-Ready’ professionals. These factors shall make them employable and give them a large edge over other freshers.
  • Online Learning - Students will learn the modules through mobile app. App shall help the student learn and practice the skills on his/her smartphone. Students can take the assessment test without any difficulty on their devices
  • 1-2-year actual industrial training + certificate – students may get opportunity to work in same industry or may apply for better opportunities in another industries.

App-based Mobile Learning
We have developed a mobile application, YSF Skills that is designed to cater to the specific needs of trainees. Taking into consideration that the internet - mobile network is not uniform across the country, the mobile application has been designed to operate in the offline mode as well, trainees can download the learning videos & can learn as per their convenience without internet. Through this mobile app can attend the assessment as well.

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