Employability Skills Test

Employability Skill Test is widely used pre-screening assessments by thousands of students and colleges alike. Uniquely developed for addressing the needs for Indian students the test helps one identify their strengths and weakness, aids a student understand functional self-traits which help them determine the right domain of career inclination.

Employability Skill Assessment measures a candidate's Cognitive Skill Fitness along with English Communication Skills, Behavioural Fitness and Culture Fitness Traits bench marked against the respective industry standards.
Employability Assessment - “Suitable for paid work / Able to be used”

Traits Assessed
A) Personality Fitness: Various aspects of personality are assessed<

  • Self Confidence – Feeling of trust in one’s abilities & judgement
  • Self-Motivation – Desire to better oneself
  • Emotional Stability – Ability to remain balanced in difficult situations
  • Openness to Change – Ability to learn and make a change in behavior
  • Psychological Ownership – Feeling of responsibility towards the target achievement

B) Culture Fitness: Culturally relevant traits, pertaining to professional surrounding<
  • Initiative – Going an extra mile or going above and beyond your normal job responsibilities to make things happen
  • Work Attitude – Set of evaluations of one’s job that constitutes one’s feelings towards & beliefs about & attachment to one’s job.
  • Value Orientation & Integrity –
    • Quality of being honest
    • Morally principled & upright
    • Ethically sound
    • Honesty and accuracy in one’s actions

C) Skill Fitness: Assessment of cognitive abilities
  • Basic English Communication –
    • Comprehension of words and ideas
    • Ability to understand language
    • Knowledge and application of grammar
  • Logical Reasoning –
    • Ability to apply process of induction
    • Arrive at a logical conclusion
    • Deduct from general principle to specific information
  • Numerical Reasoning –
    • Ability in accurately in dealing with basic arithmetic, algebraic, geometric and numerical calculations.
    • Logical Reasoning

IT Literacy –
  • Candidate’s competency and knowledge of information technology, telecommunication and computer and wireless networks.
These 12 traits are as relevant to an individual’s Employability as per their educational background. This assessment has been specifically designed to distinguish students of average ability with those of higher abilities in competencies being assessed for general employment and training.
The combined scores of traits in Employability Skills Assessment helps in predicting job performance, structure interviews, hiring of right people and more; this is over and above, providing the test taker with self-awareness in the said areas to either promote or improve upon.

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